The Love series of stamps from the U.S. Postal Service has been one of the most popular stamp series, since it began in 1973. Our president Greg Breeding served as the art director for a recent release of this stamp, working with illustrator Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Company.

Determining a direction

A floral design felt like both the obvious and right choice for this stamp, based on the series and on Anna Bond’s established and popular aesthetic. Greg also encouraged the use of Anna’s distinctive hand-lettering, which is typically shown as a loose, cheerful script on her stationery.

Greg and Anna agreed that the design should be in the middle of the plate, with the word “Love” written in her script and surrounded by her signature flowers.

A complementary product

As a natural extension of the final Love Flourishes stamp, the Journey Group print also studio developed notecards for the U.S. Postal Service, featuring the design of the stamp and a customized box.

“Since I was little, it’s been my dream to design a stamp. I’ve always said that’s one of my top-five career goals.”

Anna Bond, Stamp Illustrator

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