Seven Families, Seven Journeys

India’s cities are bursting at the seams. For a chance at a brighter future, families are willing to risk everything and move into the crush and roar of a metropolis, where a new set of opportunities — and dangers — await.

This massive migration led two creatives at World Vision to pitch a powerful idea: What if India’s urbanization could be understood on an intimate scale?

Journey Group’s digital studio was invited into this ambitious storytelling endeavor.


Strategic visual storytelling

A robust planning endeavor, led by Journey Group’s creative director, was an essential first step. With World Vision’s skill in a wide range of media formats and talent in journalism, specifying media types and the narrative structure in advance was critical. 

Broadly speaking, the piece was focused on India’s urbanization, but the stories of seven families had to be given proper significance. An animated map, which would communicate the approximate distance each family traveled, was proposed to complement the stories and show scope. The individual profiles would also incorporate how such vast issues as pollution, sexism, transportation and health could affect each family differently. Working in this supplementary context was an important design and content consideration.

“We didn’t limit ourselves at all in how we were thinking about the project, because we knew that whatever crazy idea we had, Journey Group would make it crazier or execute it in a professional, sophisticated way, in exactly the way we had been thinking.”

Elizabeth Hendley, World Vision

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Interface design for narrative clarity

As the Journey Group team assessed the available content, the interface design was sharpened to focus on the story’s overall message. The families were moving from one kind of poverty to another, facing new and unfamiliar obstacles in the city and then finding sustainable help from World Vision.

The text and multimedia had to work seamlessly together, so that readers felt immersed in the piece from the first glimpse. With the ample media resources, the team was careful to balance the design and content: The piece had to elevate the families’ complex stories and resist drowning readers in media.