Bunk is home to the web’s most interesting writing and thinking about the American past. With a mission to rewire and reexamine our shared history, Bunk exposes the multi-dimensional connections between the past and present.

The challenge

The past is being remade constantly. What better way to show this than to create a living, breathing web application?

Bunk came to Journey Group in need of a singularly powerful and creative web app. The application needed to help visitors discover unexpected historical connections and see, for perhaps the first time, the context surrounding each event.

Creating connections

Previously, stories in the Bunk archive were loosely arranged. Connections between stories were murky, and the element of surprise was absent. The Bunk team did not have a straightforward method to harvest all of the information that they had.

Journey Group determined the best way to display each story and then show the connected stories from the past or present, shaping the app around a logical and elegant new architecture.

“We were blown away by how, from the first step in the process, Journey was able to take a lot of disparate information and come up with a vision for how it would actually work in the world.”

Tony Field, Editor, Bunk

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