Cochran House is a well-appointed retreat for distinguished guests of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation and the University of Virginia.

As development of the space was under way, the Foundation team invited Journey Group to create a visual identity for Cochran House.

The challenge

Cochran House needed to reflect elements of its parent brand, which is marked by understated elegance, but it also needed to stand alone as a distinct entity. 

Journey Group’s art director and designer pushed toward the same colors as the Foundation brand but added a teal color to Cochran House’s brand palette. The teal was inspired by the tartan of the Cochran family, in honor of the inn’s namesake, former chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, G. Moffett Cochran.

The work

For the sophisticated yet welcoming logo, Journey Group created an original line-art illustration of the building and used two production techniques and gold foil to layer the logo on top of brand art. 

The resulting brand expression can be naturally extended to stationery, signage, menus and much more, whether in print or in pixels.