Oral health is a critical window into our overall well-being, and it’s this truth that inspires the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

Since 2014, Journey Group has been invited to design the annual report for the Foundation, motivated by a bold ambition: To broaden awareness of oral health’s impact on our overall health and to increase access to oral health care for all people.

“From the beginning, we had immediate trust in what Journey Group does. I can have a seed of an idea and Journey can just take it and run with it.”

Laura Doyle, Executive Director, Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

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The challenge

The Foundation wanted a delightful way to share its work, using creativity to push against the expectations of dentistry as a stuffy, jargon-laden profession.

Guided by a concrete content strategy produced by Journey Group, the art director and designer took the report in a new direction, beginning with photo collage. A collage approach to photography put real people and real faces back into the report and gave more flexibility to the design system. Photo and illustration could now live comfortably side by side.

Movement and metaphor

Rhythm is palpable across the pages, with the lines and divisions adding vertical movement and tech-inspired graphics that invite the reader to pause. The Journey Group team also created a custom numerical typeface to open each section of the report.