The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia had a new brand, and it needed to extend that brand to the annual Darden Investors Report. 

With the School’s new slogan — put your why to work — the Journey Group team was invited to redesign and reimagine the report under the umbrella of this brand.

The challenge

The new Darden brand had been extended primarily to advertisements, and Journey Group needed to draw inspiration from a handful of ads to create a 70-page publication.

As one of the first invited to unfold the Darden brand, Journey Group was given a great deal of trust from Darden to push the School’s visual identity forward and chart new paths in print.

The work

In light of the new Darden slogan, Journey Group gave this annual report a narrative focus, which had not been pursued in the past. 

Visually, the art directors and designers worked within the constraints of black, white and orange brand art. By using bold typography as a form of art, as well as striking black-and-white photography and dramatic drop caps, the resulting publication is engaging and direct, showcasing the people of Darden rather than just the place.