James Madison University was ready to share its transformative story with a broader audience.

As a state university, JMU’s financials had always been made available to the public — but never in an enticing, visual way.

The university team invited Journey Group to design their first annual report.  

The challenge

A recent study had ranked JMU well in terms of the quality of its student-faculty relationships. The university’s small class sizes and good faculty-to-student ratio led to widespread goodwill, and the inaugural annual report needed to reflect this positive finding.

Running with JMU’s brand colors, the Journey Group team extended the university’s existing brand to new typefaces, layouts and visual treatments, especially with regard to photography.


The result

The final report presents a beautiful, sophisticated and eye-catching vision of JMU’s identity. The cover concept shows the overlap of a professor’s face with a student’s face, expressing the close relationships that the school fosters. 

JMU has since taken the brand elements that Journey Group introduced in this report and extended them throughout their print and online identities.