Free Union Country School, a progressive, private elementary school, needed a new look that expressed its mission: to nurture in each child a love of learning within a community that respects childhood, models kindness, and encourages curiosity.

Journey Group was invited into the process of creating a new visual identity for the school.

A new logo

Inspired by the notes of red throughout Free Union’s architecture and the state bird of Virginia, Journey Group devised a playful, modern logo of a cardinal, created from the basic shapes of a circle and square.

Textures and types

The Journey Group team was also careful to ensure that the new branding was extensible to a variety of uses, from reports to signs to stationery to bumper stickers. 

Patterns from the environment at the school served as a primary inspiration. Spending time on site, Journey Group designers considered the outdoor learning experience at Free Union Country School and incorporated natural elements into the designs.

“The cardinal symbol has become fully owned and appropriated by our students and families. We see car magnets all over town!”

Howard Miller, Analytics and Marketing, Free Union Country School