After a decade developing policymakers and leaders, the Frank Batten School of Public Policy at the University of Virginia came to Journey Group for an annual report that communicated its theme of positive disruption

Design and direction

Honoring the university’s brand while retaining Batten’s distinctive aesthetic, Journey Group’s art director created a visual language that drove both the form and the content of the annual report.

The parallelogram is used throughout the UVA brand, and the Journey Group team repurposed this shape in the redesign of the report, leaving it open and filled with a gradient of color, which contributed to the dynamic, active feel of the report.

Smart but edgy

Along with intentionally off-kilter typography, dramatic drop caps and bold graphic treatments, the report is readable and engaging from start to finish.

The result is a Batten report that retains the School’s spirit: smart but edgy, refined but rebellious.