The Inverted Jenny, issued by USPS on May 10, 1918, represents perhaps the most famous error in American stamp history. One pane of 100 stamps were printed showing the biplane upside down, and collectors across the nation scrambled to get their hands on these coveted stamps. 

In recognition of the 95th anniversary of the Inverted Jenny, the Postal Service issued a souvenir sheet with six examples of the inverted stamp denominated at $2.

With this anniversary, the Postal Service invited Journey Group to design a commemorative product that would delight stamp collectors and history buffs alike.

The work

Journey Group designed a pre-order commemorative book, set in a handsome box, that told the story of the Inverted Jenny release and included a coveted red proof and blue proof of the intaglio printing method, along with a die wipe. 

Working with artist Simon Frouws on the art for the box and the book, the Journey Group team wrote and designed an engaging and informative book. 

The result

The enticing Inverted Jenny collectible product sold out of pre-orders on the U.S. Postal Store. Philatelists, or those who collect stamps, were eager to add a piece of memorable stamp history to their collections.