A long-term design partnership with the U.S. Postal Service has led Journey Group to design an array of postal projects. USPS asked Journey Group to create an inventive collectible product to celebrate the release of the Dragons stamps.

Pitching a pop-up book

Journey Group pitched the idea of a pop-up book and a dragon-centric story to appeal to all ages. The printing technology would create an exciting visual and tactile experience, and a narrative around the four dragons stamps would draw readers into the wider world that inspired Don Clark’s designs. Thankfully, Don, with his extensive experience illustrating beautiful children’s books, was up for the additional design challenge.

Journey Group proposed a book that would be wordless, inviting readers to make up their own storyline and dialogue with each exciting page. To direct Don, however, Journey Group’s content strategist wrote a story about a little girl in the city who dreams of dragons and goes on adventures with each of the four dragons from the stamp designs.

Design details

Special varnishes were applied to the scales on the dragons throughout the book, adding an extra layer of visual charm and amplifying the creatures as the focus of the story. Journey Group worked with the John Roberts Company for the printing techniques for the book and its pop-up capability. The book, which was made and printed entirely in America, is available for sale in the USPS Postal Store.

“I enjoyed the challenge of taking the story we had read internally and then working to make it understandable to kids or to anyone who read the book.”

Don Clark, Stamp Illustrator

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