Journey Group was tasked by the U.S. Postal Service to create a collectible product to celebrate the 2018 Art of Magic stamps. The Postal Service urged the team to think beyond the typical collectible folio format and push into something inventive and surprising.

Creating a magic kit

Journey Group needed to devise a print product that would showcase the stamps but also bring the subject to life for a broad audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

The print studio began to research the kinds of magic products that were popular, and one afternoon, our accounts director brought in a “magic box” belonging to his children. The box had a “hidden” compartment that made the contents seemingly disappear. This sparked the print studio’s imagination to create a paper version of that box to contain a fully designed do-it-yourself magic kit.

Jay Fletcher, the illustrator for the stamps, brought energy and enthusiasm to the project, and the resulting magic kit includes stamps, mounts, a card deck and a guide to the tricks — all contained in the magic box.

Screen-printed posters

Due to requests for more related to the stamps from Jay Fletcher’s fans and followers, Journey Group also produced five screen-printed posters of each of the stamp designs, which can be purchased individually or as a set in the Postal Store. Jay signed every poster, and each one is numbered, creating artwork that functions as a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake.

“Working with everybody at Journey Group was awesome. I could tell that everyone trusted me from the start.”

Jay Fletcher, Stamp Illustrator

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