When the total solar eclipse crossed the U.S. mainland on August 21, 2017, the U.S. Postal Service was ready to celebrate. In June, the Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp was released, featuring heat-activated ink that revealed the full moon when you pressed your thumb on the stamp.

To take the celebration of this celestial event a step further, the Postal Service asked Journey Group to design a collectible folio for the stamp.

Within weeks of release, the total eclipse folio sold out in the Postal Store. The client ordered a reprint, and the folio garnered attention from collectors, eclipse enthusiasts and the general public alike.

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A welcome challenge

Following Journey Group’s vision for the collectible folio, the product began to take shape as both an educational encounter and an aesthetic experience.

Journey Group’s creative director hired the illustration studio Script & Seal and chose vibrant colors for the folio. Throughout the project, the constraints of the form factor were a welcome challenge for the print studio team. 

Unveil the experience

The folio was printed with neon Pantone colors and included a translucent sleeve and an outer envelope, which provided another opportunity to unveil the experience for readers. In the printing process, the Journey Group design team partnered with Worth Higgins & Associates, who helped make prototypes for the product.