USA Philatelic Gift Catalog

The U.S. Postal Service, a long-standing partner, challenged Journey Group to create a distinct holiday catalog to showcase a curated assortment of postal products.

A minimalist approach

Rather than designing an exhaustive compendium showing every detail, Journey Group needed to create a minimalist catalog that invited the viewer to linger with each product. Considered photo direction led to spacious spreads with thoughtfully arranged notecards and folios, evoking a sense of artistry and depth.

Drawn from a palette of warm, rich hues, the simple background colors center the viewer’s attention.

Variety and unity

From history to the holidays, each section of the catalog was carefully curated around a specific theme. In tasteful contrast with the prevalent deep colors, half-sheets of pearlized paper were included to mark the boundaries of each grouping and to introduce a palpable rhythm.

Journey Group collaborated with artist and designer Simon Walker to create custom lettering that reflected the theme of each section, balancing consistency with variation.